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Maastricht flag

Maastricht flag

I love Maastricht. I have never felt more comfortable in a place than in Maastricht. It is a city of some 115,000 people but often feels like a small town. I can walk through our district and know most of the faces of the people I pass, and we know all of our neighbors. It is a rare day when I am able to walk to the station without running into half a dozen people I know. The city is old and yet it does not feel burdened by all it’s history. It has character enough for you to always be discovering something new. Even now some eight years after moving here I make new discoveries every day. I can walk through the city at one am in the morning and feel safe, and the city is of such a scale that you never feel over whelmed by it.

We live in the oldest part of the city between the beautiful and intimate suburb of Sint Pieters and the city centre, dating from the times of the Romans. It is an area of small narrow little streets, tree lined squares, and hidden gardens. The area is full of character and it is peaceful even during the busiest parts of the day.  I love that we have access to so many small shops and family businesses. I am able to go out in the morning and buy fresh bakery just over the street, I can pick up freshly roasted coffee beans from another shop, fresh fruit from yet another, speak to the girls who run the local creche, choose the flowers for the house, drop the children at school and then walk my guide dog in the park, all within five minutes walk of my home.

So here on this page are photos from around our little area, consider it a little walk around our streets, a guided tour by proxy.

Grote Looierstraat

Below; the area of Grote Looierstraat, it is a beautiful square with a wonderful character. When I need to relax and meditate, or just spent some time with a book I take myself, and Sissi, and we sit under the trees there and just absorb the atmosphere.

Onze Lieve Vrouweplein

Below; the area of Onze Lieve Vrouweplein  outside the old church Onze Lieve Vrouw. With many very good cafes surrounding the square and the cooling shade of so many big treets it is where we go for a coffee and some social chat with family and friends, often long into the late evening.

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Our Local Stores & Lanes

Below; some of our immediate stores and little places that form our daily lives here. Small, local stores where you know the owners and they know you are what make a real community and give you a sense of belonging to a plac

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Maastricht City Centre Streets

Maastricht has a large shopping centre sprtead around several districts but still within a compact area. Below of some of the stores and streets on our side of the town.

The Vrijthof

The Vrijthof is the main city square in the city where most of the social events take place such as open air concerts in the spring and summer, food festivals, the Christmas fair and ice rink, fireworks at New Years. We always make a point of attending any event on the The Vrijthof in order to support it and help keep these events going because they add so much to the live and fun of a city.  On one side of The Vrijthof there is Sint Servatius Basillica, a beautiful building and well worth a visit. Opposite are the main cafes of the square where you can sit out at any time of the year and enjoy a good meal with friends and family. Cafe life and culture is very important in continental Europe and even more so in The Netherlands and Maastricht is perhaps the jewel in the crown of Cafe Life !

The concert house and theatre sits on the northern side of the square. Their is also the Markt Square outside the Stadthuis (Townhall) but this square is more for commercial activities.

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