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Leiden Station – An Example Of Eco Commuter Parking

I went to university in Leiden so it naturally came to mind when i wanted to give an example of a typical Dutch town and it’s commuting habits. Like most towns and cities in Holland most journeys are undertaken not by car but by bicycle, with trains taking next place. As a result of this symbiosis every railway station’s environs are usually stuffed full of bicycles. The growth in cycle traffic has forced Dutch Railways (Nederlands Spoorwegen) and local authorities to provide parking space, fortunately providing parking for bikes is a lot less destructive of the environment than having to provide hectares of parking for cars.

With the help of Google Earth (what a wonderful service) I have mapped out the bike parking  around the station. The five parking areas within 100 meters (328 feet) of the station lobby allow parking for some 8,000 bikes.

Leiden Station Bike Parks

Leiden Station Bike Parks

Parking Area 1 – Underneath station platform.

Parking Area 2 – Underground Bike Garage.

Parking Area 3 – Above Ground Overflow.

Parking Area 4 – Club 70 Fietsenstalling Bike Park.

Parking Area 5 – Street Public Bike Parking.


Bicycle Parking Ideas

From here in the Netherlands, at Zutphen Rail Station:


From Switzerland an interesting idea:


From Japan, Tokyo a wonderful robotic system:


From here in the Netherlands  NS (Dutch railways) & the City recently finished a vast underground cycle parking garage, total parking spaces for some 6,000 bikes:

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