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USA’s TSA Workers Getting Cancer While TSA Launches Cover-Up

Those of use familiar with human physiology and the effects of radiation exposure knew this was going to happen, its a real “I told you so” situation.  

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents reveal how “large number of (airport) workers have been falling victim to cancer, strokes and heart disease”

Back scatter Scanning

Back scatter Scanning

Fearful of provoking further public resistance to naked airport body scanners, the TSA has been caught covering up a surge in cases of TSA workers developing cancer as a result of their close proximity to radiation-firing devices, perhaps the most shocking revelation to emerge from the latest FOIA documents obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

American Federation of Government Employees Union representatives in Boston discovered a “cancer cluster” amongst TSA workers linked with radiation from the body scanners. Then the TSA sought to downplay the matter and refused to issue employees with dosimeters to measure levels of exposure, while accusing the union of being “Unpatriotic” – the modern US equivalent of being a heretic.

The documents obtained indicate how, “A large number of workers have been falling victim to cancer, strokes and heart disease.” Radiation exposure increase heart attack and stroke risk factors by causing damage to blood vessel walls. The TSA acted just like most government departments, rather than acting on it, or explaining its position seems just dismissed them. Negligent to say the least.

In an email sent to Heather Callahan the deputy federal security director at Boston Logan International Airport, union representatives express their concern about “TSA Boston’s growing number of TSA workers that have thus far been diagnosed with cancer.”

Personally I have little problem with people who choose to help impose a police state on American citizens by taking jobs with the TSA developing serious illness. What troubles me are the travelling public who are routinely FORCED to be blasted by potentially lethal radiation or face the prospect of being sexually molested while being treated like a criminal..

The documents obtained via the Freedom Of Information Act by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, reveal that the TSA, and specifically the head of the Department of Homeland Security Janet_Napolitano “publicly mischaracterised” (that means that she lied through her evil, amoral teeth)  the findings of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NSIT), in stating that NIST and Johns Hopkins school of Medicine had positively confirmed the safety of full body scanners in tests. In citing both NIST and the Johns Hopkins school of medicine to claim that the body scanners are safe, the TSA has also deliberately misled the public on the dangers posed by the devices.

Airport DNA Wrecker

Airport DNA Wrecker

In fact the scanners have NEVER been properly tested in proper trials, the only trials done were on specially set up pre-production machines by the machine makers themselves who did not allow independent verification of the results. President Obama’s Science Advisor, several University of California professors also complained of how, “There is still no rigorous, hard, data for the safety of x-ray airport passenger scanners.” The scientists noted how the safety tests for the scanners were carried out exclusively by manufacturers, and recommended an immediate moratorium on use of the devices until the health risks can be independently studied. The  Department of Homeland Security then classified all information regarding tests in the name of “national security”. Documents obtained by EPIC show that, far from affirming their safety, NIST warned that airport screeners should avoid standing next to full body scanners in order to keep exposure to harmful radiation “as low as reasonably achievable.”

It gets better because a Johns Hopkins study actually revealed that radiation zones around body scanners could exceed the “General Public Dose Limit,” contradicting repeated claims by the TSA that Johns Hopkins had validated the safety of the devices. Can anyone pronounce “Liars” ?

In 2010 a study by Dr David Brenner, head of Columbia University’s center for radiological research, found that the body scanners are likely to lead to an increase in a common type of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma, which affects the head and neck. Never have so many millions of people been exposed to radiation millions of people without proper oversight or study, a point raised in February 2010 by the influential Inter-Agency Committee on Radiation Safety. They warned in a report that the scanners increase the risk of cancer and birth defects and should not be used on pregnant women or children – better to sexually molest them with “pat downs”. Pregnant women and children should not be subject to scanning, according to the report, adding that governments should consider “other techniques to achieve the same end without the use of ionizing radiation. Children and passengers with gene mutations – around one in 20 of the population – are more at risk as they are less able to repair X-ray damage to their DNA. The Committee pointed to the IAEA’s 1996 Basic Safety Standards agreement, drafted over three decades ago and to which the USA is a signatory, that protects people from radiation. Frequent exposure to low doses of radiation can lead to cancer and birth defects, even the very flawed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency concedes this fact. Dr Brenner said recently “If there are increases in cancers as a result of irradiation of children,  they would most likely appear some decades in the future. It would be prudent  not to scan the head and neck,’ he added. He recently aired his concerns to  the Congressional Biomedical Caucus in the US – members of Congress who meet to  exchange ideas on medical research. Dr Brenner urged them to look at his  concerns but said it was important to balance any health issues against  passengers’ safety when flying, but it looks like the motion is going to be slow played due to pressure from the US Federal Government.

Michael Chertoff, former head of the TSA and the man responsible for bringing in the scanners into US airports is now heading the company that is selling the full body scanners to the government. Conflict of interest, corruption, lies, deception and total disregard for human health, it is what the US Government is all about. The most likely risk from the airport scanners is a common type of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma, a rise in those will signal a rise in other cancers as well.

Mean while here in The European Union, MEPs accept that body scanners would enhance aviation security, but ask Member States “to deploy technology which is the least harmful for human health” and addresses privacy concerns. Due to health risks “scanners using ionising radiation should be prohibited in the EU”.

Would I go through an airport scanner in America based on my medical knowledge – NO, absolutely not. Would I believe one word that comes from the mouth of any US official any more – NO, absolutely not.
Author: Tyjardia