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Autumn & The Deaf Kid

My oldest son Nicky had speech therapy today so afterwards we wandered home through the park. We are both deaf and so this is a nice little shared time, just he and I moaning about the hearing people and their world. Once home we sat at the big table and finished some crafts we had been working on, a big pass time in our household. He showed me his book and I read;

“De bomen roesten in het zieke licht
langs somber in zichzelf gekeerde grachten.
In wilde, stormdoorvlaagde regennachten
vertoont de maan een bleek, behuild gezicht”

(The trees rusting in the decaying light
along gloomy introverted canals.
In the wild, rainy nights storm rainy nights
shows the moon a pale, tear-stained face)

Herfst (Autumn)

Herfst (Autumn), a picture by Nicky van der Roos.

Then I cried. Worried he had upset me he came and hugged me. I was not crying because he had made me unhappy, just the opposite. I had watched him write the verse from memory, no spelling or gramatical errors. It is hard for hearing people to understand perhaps but access to language, to communication can be so hard when you are profoundly deaf, but here was Nicky, ten years old and comfortable writing a poetry verse so casually – I was simply happy.

Enjoy your Herfst (autumn).

Verse by Hanny Michaelis.