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Autumn & The Deaf Kid

My oldest son Nicky had speech therapy today so afterwards we wandered home through the park. We are both deaf and so this is a nice little shared time, just he and I moaning about the hearing people and their world. Once home we sat at the big table and finished some crafts we had been working on, a big pass time in our household. He showed me his book and I read;

“De bomen roesten in het zieke licht
langs somber in zichzelf gekeerde grachten.
In wilde, stormdoorvlaagde regennachten
vertoont de maan een bleek, behuild gezicht”

(The trees rusting in the decaying light
along gloomy introverted canals.
In the wild, rainy nights storm rainy nights
shows the moon a pale, tear-stained face)

Herfst (Autumn)

Herfst (Autumn), a picture by Nicky van der Roos.

Then I cried. Worried he had upset me he came and hugged me. I was not crying because he had made me unhappy, just the opposite. I had watched him write the verse from memory, no spelling or gramatical errors. It is hard for hearing people to understand perhaps but access to language, to communication can be so hard when you are profoundly deaf, but here was Nicky, ten years old and comfortable writing a poetry verse so casually – I was simply happy.

Enjoy your Herfst (autumn).

Verse by Hanny Michaelis.

Guide Dogs: “Please Do Not disturb Us”

When you are out and you see a person with an Assistance Dog (for blindness, hearing impairment, disability, epilepsy etc) PLEASE do not distract the dog because the results of you doing so can be unfortunate for the person they assist. This rather good video from KNGF (The Dutch Guide Dog body) is amusing but is also a good illustration.

Sissi – Hearing & Seeing Dog

A few weeks ago I was walking into town to do the day’s chores. It was still early in the day as I pushed the buggy with Mariaske and Joost on board, my guide dog Sissi was with me of course. Sissi protects my right side as I am now blind in my lower right quarter. We were about to swing onto Minckelersstraat from the alley behind De Bijenkorf when Sissi was distracted by two young men, tourists. As a result I walked slap into a metal bollard in the pavement, it was the exact height of my crotch. The blow was painful enough to knock the sense out of me for a few moments and I had to use the nearest wall for support. Sissi was very distressed at me coming to harm so I tried to reassure her while my eyes watered and I fought the pains radiating out from my pubis. After a few minutes I tried to continue but the pain was such that I feared I had perhaps damaged myself or one of the metal plates in my pelvis. It took me thirty minutes to make it to Tyjardia & Nonke;s house. Ty is also my doctor, it’s a walk that would normally take five minutes. Ty examined me carefully and concluded there was no damage to bones or plates, but the bruises were already very clearly visible on and around the upper part of my vulva. By that evening when Nina got home and took a look my vulva was black and blue. So please, never distract a guide dog at work, what they do is important and disturbing them at work can cause those of us who rely on our four legged friends injury.

Now I can see the funny side of what happened to me even though at the time it hurt. Below is another bit of amusement that had my children rolling around laughing………..

Author: Judith.