Today is Sinterklaas, the first part of Christmas here in the Netherlands. Our shoes have all been out in the living room beside the big fire for the last few weeks with a fresh carrot in them for Sinterklaas’s horse Amerigo. This morning the kids found gifts of chocolate and sweets waiting for them and one significant gift.

This evening we will have friends and family around to the house for a small celebration for which Judith has been cooking up a storm for the last week. Everyone can be sure of leaving with stomachs filled with good warming foods and wine.

If you would like to learn a little more about this holiday, and see some photos then take a hop over to here or to .

In Holland December 6th is the Feast of Sinterklaas, or St. Nicholas, much to the delight of children (and many adults) all over The Netherlands and the Flemish areas of Belgian. Sinterklaas or the St. Nicholas’ Feast Day occurs on December 6th, is observed in most Roman Catholic countries but it is only in the Low Countries, especially in the Netherlands, that the eve of his feast day, Sinterklaasavond, (Dec 5th) is celebrated nationwide by young and old, christian and non-christian, and without any particularly religious overtones any more.

Sint Nicolaas

Sint Nicolaas, goed heilig man,
die oud is, maar niet sterven kan
zolang nog ergens op de aarde
een mensenkind zijn droom bewaarde.
Maar kleine kinderen worden groot,
en telkens moet hij dat beleven,
en elke keer verschrikt hij even,
en telkens gaat hij even dood.
Totdat van ver een kleine stem
voor ’t eerst en huiverig gaat zingen
van d’ oude december dingen.
En zie, het licht betovert hem.
Zijn ogen worden groot en licht,
er komt een glans op zijn gezicht.
hij mag dit jaar opnieuw bestaan,

dat heeft een kinderstem gedaan.
St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas, good holy man,
that is old, but can not die
while still somewhere on earth
a son kept his dream.

But small children grow,
and each time he must live,
and every time he even frightened,
and each time he just died.

Until a small voice from afar
for the first time and reluctant to sing
d of old stuff in December.
And behold, the light captivates him.

His eyes are large and light,
There is a glow on his face.
he may again this year existence,
that a child’s voice has done.

Have a wonderful, happy day everyone,

Fromm the van der Roos and van Leiden families.

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