van Leiden Family Herenhuis

Our Town House in Amsterdam

Our Town House in Amsterdam

The van Leiden family herenhuis (town house) in Amsterdam.  We recently disposed of the old house on the Singlegracht as it was in need of major refurbishment. The sale of that (larger) house financed the minor work needed on this one on the Keizersgracht. Judith has already been hard at work in the garden to create a small wild-flower paradise. The wild flowers encourage insects and so in turn draws birds to the garden.

Boerderij (Farm) Dronkers

Judiths parents farm an estate of three farms between Nijmegen and Arnhem. The farms date from the middle ages with some of the barns and buildings being anything up to 300 years old in origin. They started organic farming nearly thirty years ago when it was considered to be a crazy thing, now it may be the last post in the fight against the Monsanto-isation of our entire food supply. They now help to prevent old breeds of animals from dying out.

In a few years they will be handing managing over to my sister in law Carol and her husband Geoff and the family farms will continue to develop with the same consideration her parents have shown for the environment.

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