The Willothewisp

Who are we ?

We are four Dutch lesbian women, all related by blood or marriage. Nonke and I (Tyjardia) are married, and my cousin Judith is married to Nina. We share common interests in many things including health, politics, human rights, women’s rights, and family. We have our respective households in neighboring streets here in the lovely old city of Maastricht where we live our lives and raise our families. None of us fit what many think of as the lesbian stereotype, we are all comfortable being the sex we are and do not feel any need to over compensate in any way by being anything other than we are – women.

Two honorary members of Willothewisp arLotte and Sissi. They are Assistance dogs. Sissi is a golden retriever who was Judith’s hearing dog with additional training in being a seeing dog to cover Judith’s visual problem/she is now retired. Lote is a fully trained seeing & hearing assistance dog.  SheJudith to lead a more normal life despite her physical handicap.

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